A Little about Focusing . . 

Focusing is a natural and learned skill.  Focusing facilitates a way of being.  It’s a process of inner awareness and listening which enables us to have improved sense of self and better relationships.  It helps us make clear decisions, and to better attend to our emotional, physical, and psychological needs.  The practice of Focusing enables us to live our lives with more ease; it’s like a formula for inner alignment.  Focusing can be practiced alone, with a partner, and integrated into a Focusing oriented healing approach. 

Focusing was discovered when Professor Eugene Gendlin, Ph.D., a colleague of Carl Rogers in the early 1960s, researched the question: why is psychotherapy helpful for some people, but not others?  He studied hundreds of therapy sessions and made a fascinating and important discovery: successful therapy clients had a vague, hard to describe inner awareness, a mind-body-like felt sense about their problems.  Gendlin developed teachable skills so people could benefit from this natural process.  Focusing is taught and practiced in many countries around the world.  

The regular practice of Focusing continues to transform areas in both my personal and professional life.   Many of my clients have made progress faster, at deeper levels, and do more work on themselves between sessions.    It has brought keener mindfulness to my day to day life, I am gentler and clearer with myself, my spouse, and my children. Focusing has offered me a kind of formula, like algebra, to approach things with. I have never listened to my psychotherapy clients in such a comprehensive, containing, and facilitative way. I am excited to offer the experience of Focusing to others.

Guided Focusing sessions:
A one-to-one guided session is the best way to experience the Focusing process for your self and begin to receive its benefits.
You can expect:  To receive gentle, confident, unobtrusive guiding through this inner  process; To feel connected to your inner self, gain  deeper understanding, and to know what a felt sense is and how to be with it in a most facilitative way.

What will happen: You will sit in a comfortable setting, and in your own timing you, will be invited into a more and more nurturing and accepting relationship with what you feel right now.

What will not happen: You will not be diagnosed, analyzed, interpreted or made wrong in any way.  You will not be asked to reveal any private information that you’re not comfortable sharing.  Information about additional Focusing related services will only be given if requested.

What happens after the session: There is a high likelihood that you will feel some kind of difference in the issue you worked on, after just one session, and many people experience a significant shift. Some people find they feel better without knowing why – at least at first.  Wait a few hours... let the process unfold... and then check again if the problem or issue feels different.

Sometimes people want more sessions, others may want to practice further on their own, others may want to move into a  Level One workshop. There will be time at the end of your session to discuss your next steps if you like, or I would be happy to discuss this with you at another time.  Although many people want only one or two sessions, I am also available to work with people over a number of sessions. This is completely your choice, depending on your inner sense of finding the work helpful.

Focusing by Telephone:
Telephone Focusing works! Hundreds of people all over the world are discovering Focusing by phone. You can sit in the safety and privacy of your home and be guided by a skilled and experienced person, and receive the rich unfolding gifts of the Focusing process. 


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